Welding Cables

Air Cooled Jumpers

Air Cooled Jumpers (ACJ)

Used in medium duty multi-spot applications. Air-Cooled Cable Jumpers are available in circular mill sizes from 400 MCM to 2000 MCM as standards. Other circular mill sizes available upon request.

Water Cooled Jumpers

Water Cooled Jumpers (WCJ)

Used in heavy duty applications. Water-Cooled Cable Jumpers are available as standard in 300MCM - 350MCM - 400MCM - 500MCM 600MCM - 750MCM - 1000MCM and feature a wide variety of terminals designed to meet all required applications.

Air Cooled Jumpers

Weld Gun Cables (Kickless)

Used typically in Cable Gun applications, the design of the cable features copper conductor ropes arranged alternately in a positive negative relationship thus giving alternated polarity to the electrical forces and reducing excessive vibration or “KICK”.

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