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LUTZ Standard Cutting Tool
LUTZ Standard Cutting Tool
Our Price:$399.95

Maintain-A-Contour Electrode Dresser
Maintain-A-Contour Electrode Dresser
Our Price:$785.00

Electrodes Dressed To Any Radius Without Removal From Welder
In certified resistance welding and where clean, strong welds are necessary on a production basis the Maintain-A-Contour Dresser pays big dividends. Its use not only assures consistent quality welds in aircraft metals but saves valuable production time in all dressing operations. The Maintain-A-Contour Dresser is supplied with a spool of 240 grit cloth, and one set (of 2 per set) precision ground contour plates. Specify the size radius (2” – 3”- 4” – 6” – 8” – 10”) plates required. Plates with special radii are available on request. The abrasive cloth is standard 2” width
LUTZ Electrode Dresser
LUTZ Electrode Dresser
Our Price:$1,575.00

M2 Hand-Held Pneumatic Electrode Dresser
  • Pneumatic Motor
  • 250 RPM Idle Speed (Cutter)
  • Single-Sided and Double-Sided Dressing

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